Massage room

During the massage removes dead skin cells, improves skin respiration, activates the sweat glands, increases the skin and muscle tone, as well as the temperature of the skin, blood vessels dilate, the skin becomes more elastic. In the case of periodic massage it acts as an anesthetic factors, and also has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Massage utilizes slow strokes, direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscles with the fingers, thumbs or elbows. Deep-tissue massage works deeply into the muscles and connective tissue to release chronic aches and pains; its purpose is to reach the fascia beneath the surface muscles.



Massage of neck, hands and spine


Neck massage is a wonderful way to loosen nervnoogo stress and fatigue, it also improves circulation. Muscles in the hands experience high loads during the day, there is much tension that builds up, which gives either the neck or the shoulder in the form of muscle pain. Massage and stretching hands removes all these unpleasant sensations. Full massage is best to start from the back. It is less sensitive to external influences than the front part of the body, that is, stomach and chest. The back is covered with dense human muscles. But here's the most powerful and accumulate stress and pain.


Massage-relaxation of hips and legs 


The energetic push and pat applicable only in the upper part of the thigh. But in this case, the pressure increases as advancing upward, which contributes to better blood circulation and lymph drainage. During massage the inner thighs and massage the front of the legs. Some people at the same time experiencing discomfort, it is tickled.


Therapeutic Massage


By restoring the optimal balance of the body, therapeutic massage helps to eliminate various problems - to remove the general muscle tension and pain, headaches, back pain, poor blood circulation, stress and anxiety. Massage is effective in eliminating the negative effects of aging that appear in middle and old age. It helps keep the body tissues and functions in the young state, improves blood and lymph circulation, supports a healthy, smooth skin, strengthens the immune system, reduces muscle pain.


Massage with coffee


Massage with coffee, ie massage with ground coffee beans, is very effective in correction (weight reduction and cellulite treatment). This procedure is based primarily on the unique properties of the caffeine contained in coffee beans. It stimulates biochemical processes in cells and also activates lipolysis, which is the mechanism for cleavage and removal of fat. In addition, caffeine has an anti-cellulite effect, prevents premature aging of the skin and makes it more elastic.


Anticellulite massage


Anti-cellulite massage - a combination of different methods of reflex and mechanical action on the fabric in the form of pressure, friction, vibration and pressing conducted on the surface of the affected areas of cellulite deposits. In addition to mechanical impact, to enhance the massaging effect and widely used aromatic oils, medicinal ointments, gels and various other drugs, as well as temperature effects. Various medical studies have shown that anti-cellulite massage - this is one of the most effective methods to eliminate cellulite manifestations.


Massage with sea salt


Massage with sea salt very good stimulates the subcutaneous blood flow and the movement of lymph. Dead skin cells sloughe off, the overall tone of the skin increases, the skin gets a beautiful healthy appearance, improves ability to regenerate tissues.


Honey massage


Honey massage intensively cleanses the skin, as the impact of massage technique involves an element of active peeling. Honey  massage increases blood flow and breathing through the skin. As the ancient healers said: the honey is better than any other thing to "nourish the skin."


Massage of head and neck



The most obvious and rapid available effect of head massage is the relieve of pain in the neck. It helps to relax the trapezius muscle (it is important if you work a lot at the computer). Relaxing head massage helps with frequent headaches, eye fatigue, sleep disorders. It is also useful for strengthening the hair. To enhance the flow of blood and lymph flow to the brain at the same time with relaxing head massage is usefull also neck massage.


Full body massage



A full body massage has a beneficial effect on the entire body, as it is worked out the whole body - from the top of the head to the toes, increases muscle tone and joint-ligaments, activates the formation of synovial fluid, improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which promotes active purchasing bodies nutrients substances and quicker exit from the decay products of the organism.


Stone therapy


Massage with marine stones or stone therapy loved everyone who miraculous experienced this firsthand procedure. The technique came to us from ancient times. In the time of lost civilizations such therapy was not just a relaxation technique, but also a powerful tool for treatment. The therapeutic effect of this treatment is the exposure of different temperatures, the body's biological activation points and exchange of information. Initially, the stones were heated in direct sunlight, so they soaked up the sun's energy. In modern cosmetics and during SPA-procedures stones are heated in water or by using special heaters. Hot stones can improve blood circulation, relieve stress, calm the nervous system and, in general, to achieve a balance between the physical body and the mind.


Corrective massage


The main objective of the corrective massage is body shaping and getting rid of excess fat. The impact is not so much on the muscles, but in the first place - in the subcutaneous fat. As the corrective massage makes strong mechanical stimulation, metabolism of fat cells significantly enhances. The process of lipolysis (fat tissue) leads to excretion of excess fat and stagnant liquid. Corrective massage is used successfully for weight loss - it allows you to "sculpt" the correct outline shape, remove the fat on the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.


Osteochondrostic massage, salt diffusion


Osteochondrosic massage  is not only medical, but also a diagnostic procedure. Fact is that in the course of massage procedures it is revealed the most painful places. 

Treatment of osteochondrosis massage leads to such therapeutic effects as:

• The elimination of pain

• Improvement of microcirculation, increased metabolism in the offset area of the disc

• Relaxation of tense of muscles

• Strengthening of the muscular system, leading to the stabilization of the spine

• Interrupt progress of inflammatory reactions in the intervertebral disc and surrounding tissues

• Increase the overall tone, normalization of the patient's mood.

• Diffusion of salts


Sports massage



The impact of sports massage on the body is multifaceted. As shown in numerous studies, it has a positive effect on the function of the neuromuscular system, improves lymph - and blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes in the body and it is not surprising that among the athletes massage has won recognition as one of the most affordable and effective means of recovery.


Massage of foots, relaxation


Apart from the fact that the foot massage is very pleasant and has a pretty powerful relaxing effect, it also reduces fatigue, improves sleep, stimulates the immune system, acts on the whole body. For example, gently rubbing the side of the foot, we relax  joints and leg muscles. In the evening many people  experience discomfort in the legs, heaviness, cramps happen: this technique effectively relieves stress and pain.


Anti-stress massage


Anti-stress massage this is a necessary procedure for those who have intense and emotional activity, for those who live in metropolitan areas. Such a body massage refreshes the skin, combats chronic fatigue, boosts immunity and helps to normalize the sleep. Anti-stress massage perfectly eliminates muscle tension, relaxes the nervous system, tones and normalizes the cardiovascular system. As a result of this is - positive mood and restored confidence.


Massage with olive oil


Olive oil is effective in therapeutic massage, as well as in the fight against cellulite. Active massaging the body with the use of olive oil improves blood circulation, soothes the nervous system and smoothes "orange peel". Օlive oil for massage եspecially useful will be for infants, the elderly and immunocompromised children.

 Olive oil has a complex effect on the skin:

• Nourishes and moisturizes;

• Prevents the deposition of salts;

• Eliminates the signs of premature aging;

• Tones and enhances the protective function of the epidermis;

• Removes dead skin cells;

• Controls the water balance in the skin;

• Activates the lipid metabolism in the body;

• Improves blood circulation;

• Possesses bactericidal and anti-inflammatory action




Peeling with honey


Honey peeling nourishes the skin with valuable components, which are so rich in honey, and in addition to excellent grinding effect, honey peeling has still miraculous invigorating, firming, smoothing effect. Following the procedure of honey peels open pores of the skin perfectly absorb various creams and oils that allows the skin to moisturize and rid it of stretch marks, sagging and cellulite.


Peeling with coffee


Coffee peeling has several advantages over other peers. Аpart from using this type of peeling pores are freed from dirt, dust and keratinized epidermal cells, it also smoothes the surface of the skin and gives it a golden hue. All of these properties are due to the unique composition of coffee creams.

Firstly, it is caffeine. Due to its properties, all metabolic processes are activated. This helps to maintain the skin tone.

Secondly, vitamins and amino acids give the skin a healthy look.

Thirdly, fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Thanks to them, the skin gets maximum nutrients.


Sea salt peeling


During sea salt peeling skin can not only be cleaned but also enriched in minerals and microelements (such as iron, iodine, magnesium), which increases skin tone, it becomes more supple and smooth. It should also be noted that the salt is an excellent tool to combat cellulite.


Chocolate wrap


Chocolate wrap is considered the best and probably the most enjoyable way to get rid of cellulite and make the skin soft and velvety, and rejuvenate it. In the course of the chocolate wrap it activates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, which makes the skin more supple and taut. Also, there is a skin treatment for acne, diminish age spots, their intensity and size.


Peeling of face, mask, massage


Ones of the most useful cosmetic procedures are face peeling, mask and facial massage. The benefits of the last obvious: it improves blood circulation, metabolism is normalized and the skin becomes more smooth, young and supple. Of course, self-massage is no substitute for professional services, therefore it is advisable to contact a specialist.




1. Relaxing massage of spine, hands and shoulders (30 min.) – 9000 AMD 

2. Therapeutic massage of spine, hands and shoulders (30 min) – 10000 AMD 

3. Relaxing massage of waist and fееt (30 min) – 9000 AMD 

4. Therapeutic massage of waist and fееt (30 min) – 10000 AMD 

5. Massage therapy (45 min) – 17000 AMD 

6. Massage therapy (60 min) – 220000 AMD 

7. Relaxing massage (60 min) – 20000 AMD 

8. Coffee massage (45 min) – 15000 AMD 

9. Anticellulite massage (60 min) – 22000 AMD 

10. Massage with sea salt / anticellulite (60 min) – 20000 AMD 

11. Honey massage (60 min) – 22000 AMD 

12. Head and neck massage (15 min) – 6000 AMD 

13. Head and neck massage (60 min) – 10000 AMD 

14. Massage with sea hot stones (30 min) – 12000 AMD 

15. Corrective massage, fat burner (30 min) – 12000 AMD 

16. Sports massage (45 min) – 18000 AMD 

17. Sports massage (60 min) - 22000 AMD

18. Anti-stress massage (30 min) - 10000 AMD

19. Anti-stress massage (45 min) - 16000 AMD

20. Massage with olive oil (30 min) - 12000 AMD

21. Massage with olive oil (60 min) - 22000 AMD

22. Massage spine and fееt (30 min) - 12000 AMD

23. Aromatized massage (60 min) - 22000 AMD

24. Fееt massage (20 min) - 6000 AMD

25. Fееt massage (30 min) - 8000 AMD

26. Heating mask+ slimming (60 min) - 22000 AMD

27. Deluxe massage/body, head, face/ (75 min) - 26000 AMD

28. Massage for children 3-7 years old (30 min) - 6000 AMD

29. Massage in osteochondrosis (30 min) - 12000 AMD



1. Peeling with honey (30 min) – 10000 AMD 

2. Peeling with coffee (30 min) – 10000 AMD 

3. Peeling with sea salt (30 min) – 10000 AMD 

4. Chocolate wrap (60 min) – 22000 AMD 

5. Face peeling, mask, massage (60 min) – 17000 AMD 

6. Face massage (15 min) - 6000 AMD

7. Face peeling (15 min) - 6000 AMD

8. Face mask (30 min) - 8000 AMD

9. Fееt peeling, massage (20 min) - 10000 AMD