Tsaghkadzor ski resort

     Tsaghkadzor is a ski resort of Armenia, located on the picturesque slopes of Mount Tanegiz, at an altitude of 1840 m, which is 10 meters below the highest ski station of French resort Courchevel. The resort is located 50 km far from the international airport Zvartnots in Yerevan. The dominant heights in the vicinity - 2800 m.

    Since Soviet times Tsakhkadzor is one of the most popular ski resorts of Armenia. Firstly because of the climate and location. Second, the traditional Caucasian hospitality, combined with the hard work and the well-known hospitality of the Armenian people, create guaranteed comfortable and friendly environment, and a great mood!



Winter here is mild. The number of sunny days are around 270 per year. Wherein, snowfalls are significant and provide a solid snow cover thickness up to 1.40 m. The ski season lasts from mid-November to mid-April. The average temperature in winter -6 ° C.



The most popular form of tourism in Tsaghkadzor is ski tourism. We conduct training of athletes of teams from different countries. Level of tracks is designed mainly for the middle level of riding, but there are tracks for both professionals and beginners. Top skiing point is located at an altitude of 2819 meters, from where opens a spectacular views of Lake Sevan and the Ararat mountain.


Start of ski trails is located at an altitude of 1966 m. Here are two ropeways: №1 and №5 on a height of 2230 m.


The length of the first ski lift is 1137 m. Almost all the time the rise passes over the forest. Estimated time is 7-8 minutes. Length of descent is about 2 km, elevation 264 m. The descent from the sharp turns up to 270 degrees is for experienced athletes. For beginners it would be better not to take a risks, because it is possible to fly off the track, on edges of which can be boulders.



The second stage includes two lifts (№2 and №4) 1388m long and 926m. Estimated time - 12-14 minutes. Lift №2 will take up to a height 2476m, and №4 lift to a height of 2354m. These slopes are designed for athletes with little experience. Length slopes are almost 3 km wide flat (up to 300 m.) virgin lands, which, due to weather conditions and the characteristics of the track remains soft almost the all season. Despite the fact that the track relatively smooth and quiet, they have some interesting places and for experienced skiers too.


The third stage of the ropeway is the longest and fastest -1624 m, it will take 11 minutes to get to the last point of the skiing which has 2819 m height from the sea level. More interesting tracks begin from here which are called “Black tracks”. If you rise by the right side and get out to the ridge of the neighbor mountain, you can move to more two tracks: down to the sports descent or to the steepest slope. The length of the descent from the beginning of the first stage is 7 km. The training yoke which has 267 m length is situated on from 2263 to 2530 height. Here you can learn skiing or teach your children. In every descent work experienced instructors who are really in love with this beautiful mountain. These professional instructors ready to work with everyone even with beginners and with children even with professionals. Besides skiing and snowboarding, you can ride on a sled, snowmobiles and quad bikes. Equipment can be rented from us or at an initial station of the ropeway. The equipment have very high quality. Information, rescue and medical centers are located at the first station. Almost along the full length of the mountain – there is fast, free Wi-Fi.


Rates of the rent of ski equipment and services

Ropeway working hours - 9:00-18:00



A one-time downhill (ski-pass) 3 000

Ski rent 5 000 AMD / HOUR
Snowboard 7 000 AMD / HOUR
Uniform (Special ski equipment) 5 000 AMD / HOUR
Glasses 2 000 AMD / HOUR
Helmet 2 000 AMD / HOUR
Gloves 2 000 AMD / HOUR
Quad bike 25 000 AMD / HOUR
Snowmobile hour 30 000 AMD / HOUR
Ski instructor services 15 000 AMD / HOUR
Snowboard instructor services 20 000 AMD / HOUR